November 13, 2012

Weird Things [stream of conciousness]

It's weird that I'm graduating in 6 months.

It's weird that I have no idea what I'll be doing a year from now. But I know it will be so different.

It's weird that everyone else says it was November 13th, but I know for a fact it was the night of November 12th that I laid awake sobbing the whole night.

It's weird that 3 years ago yesterday my heart broke, but 2 years ago yesterday was one of my favorite memories.

It's weird that we're growing up. That my friends are getting married and having babies.

It's weird that that's going to be me someday.

It's weird that for Thanksgiving, a holiday that usually is complete for me without tons of people, I really just want to spend it with only my mom and brother.

And no one else.

It's weird that I'm completely obsessed with the two puppies my mom is fostering. Because I'm a cat person. I guess I'm a cat person and a puppy person.

It's weird that I have so many connections to so many of you-- people I've never met. But when you're sad, it makes me sad. When you're celebrating, I want to celebrate with you. Thank you, sweet blog friends, for being in my life :)

It's weird that sometimes you hold higher expectations for others than you do for yourself.

It's weird how a smile from a stranger can make your day.

It's weird how a clean room can make my life seem so much less complicated.

It's weird, isn't it? Life is so, so weird.

But I love it.


Kara said...

I never really understood the whole November 13th thing either. I still say the 12th. So strange. Thanksgiving is totally fine to celebrate with a small amount of people. We go to Jonathon's grandparents, and it's always really awkward and their family only sees each other 3 times a year. And you should totally adopt your mom's puppies. They're precious! :)

Anonymous said...

Right now it is 11/15 and the time is 11:30 am here but in China it is 11/16 at 12:30 am. Because he was in China and we were here we heard about it on the 12th but where he was it was the 13th. So in my mind if you say either the 12th or 13th you are right. And yes, everything about losing Adam is strange including the time/date thing.

Leah said...

This was such a heartfelt post Mel! Isn't life just weird?! But I guess that's the beauty of it!