November 18, 2012

My Perfect Day

I was once challenged to create the perfect day. I don't remember what I said then, I think I took a walk, read a book, spent time by was a good perfect day that I had created.

But now I want to come up with a real Perfect Day. One that is realistic and would actually happen. So, here I go.

I would wake up on my own, without an alarm or an unconscious "Stop sleeping in- you have work to do!" I would open my blinds and let the sunshine in. I would smile and say out loud "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!" I will pet my cat and give her a kiss.

Then I would walk to the kitchen and make sure she had food and water. Maybe even give her a treat, because it's a perfect day. Then I would make my breakfast- a bagel with cream cheese and coffee in my favorite mug.

I would sit down at the kitchen table with my breakfast and my journal. And I would write. I would write about what I'm thankful for. I would write about my future. I would write letters to my future husband, my future kids, people I miss, and people I love. I would write short stories and long poems. I would write until everything in me was written on paper and my tummy was full with coffee and bagel.

Then I would shower, do my hair and makeup, and put on a cute outfit. I would go somewhere beautiful. I would drive with my windows down and music loud. I'd drive until I found this beautiful place. And then I would take pictures. I'd take pictures until my heart was full and I felt like I had taken every picture that was worth being taken. Then I would find a pretty place to sit and I would sit and think about all of the beautiful things in my life.

Eventually I'd leave and head somewhere for lunch. I don't think I can quite decide where yet. But I would have a fabulous lunch and then I would head back home. I may stop at a bakery and grab a pastry or two for later. Or maybe a grocery store to get ingredients for making my own yummy treat.

Once I was home I would put on matching jammies. You know, the button down collared shirt and the matching pants. Then I would do a craft or two-or seven- to get out some of that creative energy that tends to build up in me. Eventually it would get dark and it would be that perfect time for dinner and a movie. I don't know what I'd have for dinner. Maybe pizza or mac-and-cheese. Maybe on this perfect day I happen to have a perfect boyfriend who happens to know how to cook. He can cook me dinner.

Then I would snuggle on the couch and watch a movie, eat my dinner & my pastry, and maybe top it all off with a glass of wine. I would end my night in my room, on my bed, with dim lighting just as I am at this very moment. I would write about my day and how thankful I am and again about all the beautiful things in my life (because there really are so many). And I would fall asleep with a smile.

And that, my friends, would be a perfect day. What is your perfect day?


Leah said...

Now I want to write a perfect day post! Mine would involve reading, and being out and about in a city, and good food and a fun drink, a little dancing too and a handsome man too! hehe. I love that you have mac and cheese in your perfect day- I totally would too!

Shay said...

I love love LOVE this- especially because it is completely DOABLE! That is a word, right?;-)

Anonymous said...

This does sound like a very perfect day, for you and Lilly