December 2, 2012

On My Mind

The other day, a close friend of mine told me that I'm "the best Christian she knows."

This was hard to swallow.

In one aspect, I wanted to jump for joy and give her a hug. Someone thinks I'm a good Christian! How's that for a compliment?!

But on the other side, am I? I sin daily, I make mistakes, I don't pray or journal or worship half as often as I should, I judge others and I hurt those who mean the most to me, I forget to tithe, and let's not even get started on my thoughts.

The friend who told me this is not a Christian. In the context of her comment, she had said something and asked me if I minded that she said that, (in "Christian Terms," she had used the Lord's name in vain). I simply told her that I didn't say that, but if she chose to, that was her decision.

You see, when it comes to my beliefs, I can only make decisions for myself. I actually have very strong opinions, but I only hold myself accountable for them. I try not to judge others for the decisions that they make, and hope I don't get judged for mine in return. That's the simplest I can put it.

I believe as Christians it's our job to love. Not "I love you, but..." Just love. We may not have the same beliefs, but I love you anyway. If you have a question, ask me. I will answer in the best way I can. I won't change my beliefs to fit your mold and I won't expect you to change yours.
But I will do my best to show the love of Jesus through my words and actions and hope that people will see something different in me. I pray that the Lord uses me to show people that He has a bigger plan for them. But when it all comes down to it, I pray that I love people to the best of my ability every day. Whether or not the world sees me as "a good Christian."


Anonymous said...

Love you!

Leah said...

That was a sweet compliment by your friend..I would agree with her! and I love your paragraph that starts with "you see when it comes to my beliefs..." AMEN girl! :)