November 6, 2012

Blushing Honey Fundraiser

You all know Brooke, right? She blogs over at Bright Wishes. She's seriously so sweet.

Well, Brooke is raising money to start her own business. I'm so excited for her because I know her heart is really in it. She's passionate and excited. Over the past few years I've watched her grow and change as a woman, mom, blogger, and wife. She's incredibly talented, smart, and ambitious.

She's started an auction with SO many cute crafts, gift cards, bloggy stuff, and so much more. I'm auctioning off an embroidery hoop with pinwheels on it and my mom is doing one of her beautiful clay trays.

customizable colors!

I am so in love with this. If you can believe it, it's even prettier in person! I love it so much.

I really encourage you to go check it out. The auction starts on November 17th. But check it out now and decide what you want to bid for!
Good luck to all of you bidding!

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Kara said...

Yay for Brooke! I can't wait to see how awesome her business will be when it fully takes off! So glad I was able to help too, thanks to your awesome reminders!