March 19, 2014

Back by Popular Demand!

Just kidding. I wrote a facebook status about possibly starting my blog back and got 12 likes. That was enough for me! Here I am, friends. Back in action. I love my little piece of internet, and I hope I can finally get back to blogging. Most of you know me. I'm going to pretend you don't. Let's begin.


Hi! My name is Melissa.

I'm 23 and I have 25 babies.

Two of which are my fur babies. Lily and Wesley. Lily is my 16 year old best friend. Wesley just turned 1 and is a hoot.

Lily and Wes.

The other twenty-three? They're a bunch of wild fourth graders. This is my first year teaching and I'm loving every second of it (said no teacher ever). Seriously though, sometimes I get choked up at how much I love my job. Sometimes I cry because it's so hard. Usually I'm working or sleeping. More on this later.
My Classroom!
(At the beginning of the year when everything was empty)

My love :)

Here is my boyfriend, Carson. You'll probably get to read lots about him. We've been dating for about a year, and in that year my ideas about men, dating, relationships, marriage, etc have changed so much. I'll probably write a lot about that because it's the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night wanting to write. He's amazing though. We definitely have a mutual weirdness.

The last time I used my camera, to shoot this beautiful wedding.
 Let's see. What else is there to say? I pretend to play ukulele. Music is very fun for me. I have a huge passion for photography, though I haven't picked up my camera since about two weeks before I started my job as a teacher, oy. In the meantime I enjoy taking pretty pictures with my iPhone.

Well. I got a post out. Let's see if I can keep this up. Thanks for joining :)


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So glad your back!
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