October 18, 2012

Book Turned Movie.

Tonight I'm going to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I'm SO excited. It was one of those books that I always wanted to read, and never did until I saw it was going to be a movie.

Story of my life.

Half the books I read I read them because I know the movie is coming out and I want to read them before I see the movie.

I digress.

I literally read the book last week, so I'm a little nervous that the movie won't compare. But from what I've heard, the movie is great. It has an amazing cast. I love Mae Whittman, and I'm a little obsessed with her boyfriend Landon Pigg, so I can't wait to look at him ;)

And the two best quotes from the book,

What are your favorite books? Or movies? Or books-turned-movies?


Kara said...

Haha I did the same with The Lucky One. Oh myyy that movie sucked in comparison. I really want to see that movie too! Let me know how much you love it. ;)

Leah said...

I just heard about this movie (am I behind or what!) and didn't realize there was a book too! I just put it on hold at the library...excited to hear what you think of it!