June 7, 2012

Revamping the Blog

I started this blog in September of 2010. It seems like an eternity ago. It started as a somewhat online diary, then became so much more. The blog world is a beautiful place. There are people from all over the world who have the most amazing things to say. DIYs, recipes, crafts, everyday life, celebrity life, books, style, movies, poems, etc, etc, etc. There's a blog for everyone.

But there's another side of blogging that you can't see from reading posts. You go to blogs and see someone's perfect life, the fact that they have a million followers, seems like the have all the time in the world for home renovation, marriage, crafting, have great style, and all of a sudden you wonder why you don't have that too. You look at your own life and say, "I was in sweatpants all day today. I barely moved from the couch. This person has a husband and a baby, manages to look cute, and happened to cook a healthy meal for her family. Why isn't my life like that?"

Here's a hint: nobody's life is perfect. Everybody stresses about the way they look, the lack of time they seem to have, the fact that their house is a big mess. But here on the blogging world, that gets hidden away and all that's left to see is the perfection.

What I'm saying is, blogging began to stress me out. I wasn't getting enough followers, I didn't have enough time to blog 24/7, I was out of inspiration, and my life could never manage to live up to all of those wonderful people. So I stopped blogging for a while. I kept up with a few blogs and made a few posts every so often, but wasn't really into it.

But I'm back.

And the blog is going to be different. It's going to be new! I'm getting more into photography, writing, and living a healthy life. So that's what this blog is going to be centered on. I want Perfect Peace to be a place where someone can come to see a real person with a real life, get encouragement, and have some fun. Honestly, I don't care how many followers I have. But I'd love for the readers I do get to enjoy my blog and appreciate it.

So, friends. Welcome to the new Perfect Peace.


Elysie Piecie said...

I love this! This is one of the reasons why I took a hiatus...that and grad school was ruling my life. Can't wait to see where your blog goes from here.

Chelsea said...

Looks great!

Shalyn said...

I can completely relate to your feelings. Just fyi, though- I think your pretty awesome:-)