June 8, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Yes, it's true...summer is upon us. Although I've officially been in "summer break" for about a month now, I still feel like it's just getting started. This month of summer has had quite a few adventures, but I'm ready for the second part of summer to start and to make the very most of it.

So, without further adieu, my Official Summer Bucket List:

1. Live stress free this summer. I know that's impossible, but still try. Seriously, it's summer. What is there to stress about?

2. Record your life. Take photographs, journal, blog, even. Do whatever you can to make your memories last.

3. Be the best babysitter you can be to your two munchkin sidekicks. Be there for them in a time where they really need you. Do fun things with them. Be energetic. Play Life again even if you don't want to. Surprise them with fun trips and treats. Dance around the house with them. Teach them and allow them to teach you.

4. Be crafty. Remember last weekend when Dazel told you, "Man, you're so artsy." Yeah, live up to that. Take pictures of anything and everything. Craft. Draw. Write. Decorate.

5. Be outside. Yes, I realize you're probably going to spend three-fourths of your summer at the pool or in the munchkins' backyard, but when you're there...appreciate it. I know it's hot out, it's summer, what do you expect? Take a second and appreciate God's masterpiece.

6. Be healthy. Body, mind, and soul. Gosh, you're a sap. But really, take care of yourself.

7. Learn to play the ukulele. Yup, that's right. You can already play 3 chords successfully and you're only a day in. Keep up with it, you know how proud of yourself you'll be when you can actually play it.

8. Enjoy your friends. You're going to be tired when you get home from work. Suck it up and have a drink with your best friends. Tell them you appreciate them. Joke around with them. Make memories. And then go to bed.

9. Speaking of having drinks...yes, you're 21 now. But keep in mind: drinks have calories. If you're going to drink, try something new (for under $8 please) instead of the cranberry-vodka that you already know you like. Experience different types of wines and fancy cocktails. Same goes for food...experience it, enjoy it.

10. Do things you enjoy. Spend some time alone with God. Listen to good music. Paint your nails. Take a bath. Read a book. Go on a photography walk. Journal. Go on friend dates. Say thank you. Hug Lily. Watch a movie. Embroider something. Get off facebook. Write a letter to your penpal. The list goes on, you know what you like to do. Go do it.

The end.

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morgan. said...

um, i LOVE THIS.
especially the "write a letter to your penpal" one.