June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wishes 9

Linking up with Brooke for the first time in a while for Wednesday Wishes!

To get better at cooking. I've made dinner a few times this summer and it always comes out pretty well, but usually it's only because my mom helps me. haha but I want to be able to make healthy, simple, and easy meals for myself (and my friends, and my boyfriend, etc) so this is something I need to work on. I get so stressed out about cooking!
I'm making this for dinner tonight! Yum!

To make these beauties. I have 3 Izze bottles that I'm going to spray paint, and I also decided to save a pickle jar from the recycling bin. I'm either going to use that for pens and pencils, all of my chords, or for T to put his change in instead of leaving it on my desk ;)

I'm going to Raleigh this weekend to see my two best friends Linsey and Kristen. I miss them so much. It's probably a little silly how much you miss them. But perhaps it can be explained by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw,
"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with." 

But whatever it is, I can't wait to see those two crazies. And I know we're going to have an awesome time together!

A photoshoot.
My camera is sad from the lack of pictures it's been taking.
(Taking professional pictures of my chiropractor does not count as creativity)

I hope everyone is having a great day! I, for one, will probably spend the rest of my day in bed in pain. Feeling sorry for myself and my woman problems. 
Why yes it is that time of the month, how did you know?
Wait, everyone here like TMI, right? Oh okay good. I didn't want to offend anyone.



peggy said...

Dinner was amazing, as always Mel, you did a great job!!

Shalyn said...

I love those jars/vases- so pretty! And that dinner looks AMAZING!

Morgan said...

Those vases look so cute! That is a great idea! I have some bottles in my recycling bin and some spray paint handy. Now I just have to wait for a day without rain, haha!

Diana Smith said...

have fun this weekend with your friends! That is the best!

Leah said...

I agree on cooking- I feel like I have so much to learn! But living in an apartment with my friends should help right? haha. We'll have to swap recipes with each other! I love the spray painted bottles as vases - so cute! I have a few I'd like to do the same too..if only I had the time. :P I wish I lived closer so you could take pictures of me. and Jake. haha. HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND WITH YOUR FRIENDS! :)