June 21, 2011

Awesome, Easy Hair Tutorial!

Is your hair hard to handle?
Do you wish for an easy, quick way to beautiful hair?
Would you like pretty curls with no heat?

Well I've got the tutorial for you!
That's right!
Easy, fast, no heat, CURLS!
Sound too good to be true?

Well. It's not.
I used THIS awesome video tutorial to help me.
And although I didn't make any step-by-step instructions, I highly recommend using this video.

All you do is wrap your hair around an elastic headband


I know I should have cropped these. Sorry bout that.

So you wrap your hair around the headband, hairspray the crap out of that junk,  sleep on it, and viola!

This is my hair the first time I did it. It came out so pretty! I think it worked better because I had blown out my hair right before I put it up.

And this is the second time. I had let me hair air-dry all day, then put it up at night.
It didn't come out as well, but still looks pretty!

Let me know if you try out this tutorial and if you have any tips and tricks to make it better!



Allie said...

So pretty! I do my hair almost exactly like you, but I put my wet hair into a bun and it makes smaller curls:) Either way, very cute and pretty!

Brooke said...

This is an awesome tutorial, I'm going to try this!

jessie said...

Love. This. So. Much. I did it once and I was amazed. I didn't even do mine overnight - I just did it for 3 or so hours, and it still turned out beautiful.


Leah said...

This is an awesome idea- I am going to have to try it! You look so cute! :)

Candace Boice said...

Such a fun tutorial! I think my already-curly hair may just turn out frizzy if I did this though. Or maybe I'd get bigger curls...hmm, I'll give it a try I think! :)

Elysie Piecie said...

Cute! I'm going to attempt this one of these days.

ashley.warner said...

what a fun idea!
thanks for sharing lovely!

Shalyn said...

What a genius idea! You look absolutely gorgeous, Mel! I love your hair curly!

Brissa said...

that is so cute!! i'm definitely going to have to try it now!