June 19, 2011

Date Night!

Hey Party People!

So my boy decided that he was going to take me on a date yesterday. We had no specific reason to celebrate, but he's a sweetie and figured that it had "been a while since we went on a date." (although our 3 month-a-versary is in 5 days, so go us!)

He came to the house with a bouquet of lilies (my favorite flowers) and looking mighty fine. We dressed up and went out to a nice Italian restaurant. I got Ravioli that was TO DIE FOR. And they gave me a whole extra plate of them to take home for free! I was so excited. T got some sort of chicken that looked pretty yummy.

After dinner we walked around outside for a little while, then came back to my house and watched Juno. It was such a fun night for me. I love spending time with that boy :)

Here are some pictures from our night.

Mirror pic before dinner :)
No one was home to take our picture haha

After dinner!

Me and my cutie pie :)



Sarah said...

Ah! You two are an ADORABLE couple. Looks like you had a blast! I want to hear how you guys met! :D

Brooke said...

Aw, such a cute last picture!

Shalyn said...

That last picture melts my heart! Sounds like he treats you just like you deserve=like a princess!

Mere said...

aw, y'all are too cute! and you got flowers- he's a keeper! I LOVE getting flowers and never got any from my ex. one of the reasons he's my ex... lol

ashley.warner said...

you two are darling!
i agree with all the ladies above, he's a keeper for real.
who just says "its been awhile since our last date"

that is so sweet!

Diana Smith said...

I hear wedding bells!!

Leah said...

AWHHHHHH. So adorable. Seriously, can T teach Jake how the whole it'd been a while since we went on a date thing works? Kthanks! hehe. And flowers? Wow. You're a lucky girl! :) I'm so glad you guys had a good date night- you both look so cute, I love your yellow dress! :)