February 21, 2011

Apartment Living: Living Room Inspiration

So I'm moving into a real apartment next year. Right now I'm in an on campus apartment which is awesome, but I'm excited to get off campus and really feel like an adult. But because I'm so excited, it means I've been doing a lot of looking at pictures of different rooms. So here is my Living Room Inspiration :)

I love the sweet colors in this one, and the pictures on the wall.
It might be a bit too grandma-y for me, but I still think it's pretty!

I LOVE all of the big comfy pillows, flowers, and pictures!

I love everything about this one. It's so classy and beautiful.

Very simple, but very girly and pretty.
All images via weheartit
Of course the actual apartment's decor will have a lot to do with all 3 of our tastes. It might be hard to combine all of our differences into one room, but I'm sure when we do it'll look great :)

What do you think?
And as always, don't forgettttttt



Mary Beth said...

can you find an apartment with stairs like the third one? that would be awesome! and don't worry, I am constantly looking at apartment stuff as well!

Nuha said...

how exciting! I would do anything to toss out all of my old furniture and start over. Hopefully soon!

Brooke said...

LOVE the last two :D

mom said...

In the second picture you said you loved the flower, it is a lupine. Grandma Ellie's favorite flower. It always amazes me how much you have in common with her.

Diana Smith said...

I love the staircase in the second to last one. I actually bookmarked that picture cause we might be moving and that is such a pretty picture!