February 24, 2011

Apartment Living: Felt Inspiration

Am I the only one who has a thing for felt? My newly discovered love for the fabric has sparked inspiration for many DIY crafts for the apartment. Here are some of my ideas:

This is very cute and looks like it wouldn't be too hard to make. I love love love pillows, but
they're so expensive! It would be much easier to make a bunch instead of paying so much for
cute ones!

I also have a thing for silhouettes. I love the idea of putting one on a pillow!

Magnets?! What a great idea! Fun and easy :)

I'm IN LOVE with this. This is definitely my next project.

Um, hello best idea in the entire world. If I decide to to a table instead of a desk, I'll definitely
need some sort of storage.
I loooove handmade wreaths, and this one is just too cute! I wonder how hard it would be to make.
I fell in love with these handmade flowers when I was looking at one of my favorite bloggers,  Letters from Coco's Etsy shop. I might just have to end up buying some from her because I love them so much!

Do you have any handmade felt crafts you'd like to share with me? I'm always looking for new ideas!


Cole said...

Thanks lady! That wreath is super awesome. great felt finds. :)

Niko Bulaun said...

im getting my appartment soon! thanks for this ideas! :)



Diana Smith said...

I love felt! I just bought a cute little bow made out of felt on etsy and I can't wait! Its such a cute fabric that can be used for anything!

Nuha said...

I'm felt obsessed too! I love all of this...and that pillow is so cute!

Julie Carol Standley said...

i LOVE your blog..

be sure to check out my blog giveaway!!

Kate said...

Love to have that in my own apartment, honey! I'm also getting my new apartment three months from now, so maybe this will be a great idea in making cute pillows perfect for spring! Thanks a lot! ;p