February 22, 2011

Apartment Living: Bedroom Inspiration

As in my first post about Living Room Inspiration, here are some of my favorite pictures I found that I think are just beautiful. I hope I can make my bedroom nearly as cute as these are!
I love the tree decal and the daybed. But I think I want a queen size bed :)

I'm going to have to fit a desk in somewhere, and I think I want to do a table instead
of an actual desk. Any suggestions?

I'm starting to think I have a thing for white furniture.

I love the idea of a vanity, but I doubt I'll have room.

This one is my favorite, I believe. Simple. And this bed looks so big and comfy!

The colors in this room are so bright! Even with a black wall. And I love the heart of pictures.
ps. I have a test today. Wish me luck!



Brooke said...

i love all of these especially the first one! I hope you get to paint your walls!

Cole said...

love that last picture. good luck on your test!

Diana Smith said...

Goodness, these rooms are so dreamy!! I love them all! I really love that pink chair, I want it for me!

Grace said...

i need a desk set up like #2 to put all my books and do my homework in. and i love white and cream colored furniture, it's way cute. i seriously want bed #1 as well. all very cute!

Angela said...

Good luck on your test!

I love those inspiration pics... the colors are so beautiful. Even the last one with the black wall is gorgeous! :)

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Jamie Walker said...

The heart pictures are my favorite! I want to do something like that in my room...

Hannah =) said...

Hi! :) I'm a new follower. You seem like an absolutely lovely person. I LOVE the giant knitted throw in the second-to-last-picture. It's so homey.

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Jennifer said...

Go to an antique store....you will be able to find old desks with really well made drawers that can serve as craft space, study space, and with a cute mirror even a vanity.

I love old furniture and all of its characters. It is normally 100% solid hard wood and is a lot cheaper then buying something of its equivalent new.