January 6, 2011

Mini Contest!

Hello my lovelies! So, the other day, my Grampa took out this crazy looking thing and asked us: "Can you guess what this is?" I was stumped. I had plenty of guesses, but they were all wrong. Now, I ask you:

Can YOU guess what this is?

The first person to guess the correct answer/give the best answer will win (ha) a mini feature/Q&A on my blog. Get creative, people! Contest will go on until I get some answers haha! No cheating, please :)

In other news...
GOODNESS GRACIOUS I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE A BUTTON. I'm pretty excited and proud of myself. So grab it :) and share it :) i mean..if you want :)
[oh and don't forget about my formspring over there. get on that, people.]

Okay, well I'm going to go soak up the sun! 



ashley.warner said...

isn't this a shoe holder? haha like it holds your shoes in place?

Tres Amigas said...

I was going to guess one of the things the helps you put on your shoes? You put it in the heel of the shoe then you slide your heel along it and it helps it go in?

Grace said...

it's either a shoe horn or like a molding of some sort.

morgan. said...

i was also thinking it was a shoe-put-on-assister.

but maybe its a :: spaghetti measure-er? a spanking giver? a mouse catcher? a ponytail holder? (that was a stretch...) a back scratcher? a key organizer? an olden-day spatula?

okay i give up.

linsey grae said...

It's a wine holder :) I've seen them before! I think it was on House Hunters!

Diana Smith said...

does it help you put your shoes on? My dad had one and that looks really similar!

Nuha Sofiyan said...

It's wood!! haha
seriously, I have no idea...I want to say its something cool since your in Hawaii..like a blow horn to call all the sea animals haha noooo idea!!

Meredith said...

well technically it would be called a shoe horn.
it helps slide your foot into the shoe.
but i like to call it the shoe putter oner, or the shoey thingy majigy.
but it doesn't matter what i call it.
it's a wooden shoe horn.