January 7, 2011

Need a laugh? I've got some for ya!

So, staying with my grandparents for ten days has been... interesting. If you know me personally, you know that I spend a lot of my time listening. I'm not a huge talker, especially in groups where I'm not one hundred percent comfortable. So to bring this back to the point, I've been spending dinners with my family and grandparents simply listening. Sure, I'll say little things, but nothing too profound. Mainly I just smile and laugh when appropriate. But the other night, we somehow started talking about jokes. And my grandma told a joke. And it was hilarious. Let me tell you, I laughed. A lot. Here it is:

Joe is walking down the street when he sees Steve. He notices that Steve has an avocado in his ear, so Joe says, "Hey Steve! You have an avocado in your ear!" Steve looks over at Joe and says, "I can't hear you! I have an avocado in my ear!"


Okay so while you're here, head on over HERE and enter my mini-contest. And get ready for some more little contests/giveaways in the near future. Perfect Peace is going somewhere, I tell ya! 

Friends, one more thing. My throat feels like I have two gigantic golf balls stuck in there, making it almost impossible to swallow. Not how I want to be spending my last few days in paradise, or my first few days of the semester! I also have a friend struggling with some tummy issues, and although the doctors are trying to figure out what it is, it's important that she has a fast recovery! Please keep me and my friend in your prayers! And hey! I don't know if you know this about me...But I LOVE praying for you guys! I see what's going on in your posts, and always keep you in mind. So let me know if you have any prayer requests I can help you out with. There's no better way! 



Grace said...

sending some love your way. i hope you and your friend get feeling better soon. and to brighten up your day a little i've given you a little blog award, because well i love your blog even though it's still a little new to me. whoa. how many times did i say "little" hahahaha. anyway, you can check out the blog award details here: http://gigglemepink.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-guess-im-versatile.html


Kelsey said...

Well I hope you start feeling better lovey! I hate being sick, it's never fun. Prayers are coming your way. And BTW, I mentioned you on my newest post!! Have a great weekend! xo, Kels

ashley.warner said...

that is so silly. i love jokes! hehe

ps. i've chosen you for the 'stylish blogger award'
sooooo go ch-ch-check it out on my bloggity blog!

Nikolo Bulaun said...

i smirked over that avocado! lol nice one

following you now! :) hope you follow mine too!



Anonymous said...

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