December 29, 2010

Catch up!

So since I'm a horrible blogger (just kidding, I hope you don't think that about me!) and have missed about a million days in posts, I figured I'd catch up a little :) And it's all for you!

Take a Picture Tuesday/heyguesswhataphotoshoot!
My favorite. Click to enlarge, and
check out Little One's face! I love how
they're both looking down at her!
Brooke, Mr. Charming, Little One, and I had a photoshoot on Tuesday that ended up going terribly, terribly wrong. First, I made them drive 45 minutes to an adorable run down brick building which is right next to some train tracks. We started out on the train tracks with Little One, taking some silly pictures (including a few smooches) and things were going great! Then we move down to the building to do some couple-y shots (I was hoping to get some featuring the RING!) when a cranky old man comes out and starts yelling at us! To cut the long story short, old man accuses us of trespassing (And calling me rude! Which I was not!) and tells us it's $35 to take pictures there. Well excuse me, Mr. Grumpy Pants! I had no idea! So we leave. With only 40 pictures taken. And when I start to look at my pictures, I realize that my camera was not on the right settings (something I would have eventually figured out if I had more than 15 minutes to take pictures!) so the pictures didn't come out that well. So sad :( But of course Brooke was so sweet about it, we even had a nice conversation about how Grumpy Gills didn't get hugged as a child, which made me feel better about my mistakes. Holy cow I just wrote a novel. Anywhoo! Here's some of the pictures that I love!

Just stuck the pictures in b&w so don't judge the editing. Photoshop and I are NOT friends.

Wednesday Wishes
Since I'm leaving for Tortola on Saturday, I'm definitely going to make a few Vacation-Related Wishes this week :)
1. To get a tan, of course!
2. That while I'm gone, my lovely followers won't forget nor forsake me. I promise I'll be back soon ;)
3. To be able to get online to update once or twice while I'm there (Grandma has internet so it shouldn't be a problem, but, I will be 5 seconds away from the beach so we'll see ;)
4. That I'll be able to take some great pictures while I'm there! Let me tell ya, it won't be too hard, since Tortola is Gorgeous! but I just got a new lens so that's very exciting!

Well. That's all for me tonight. To any of you who read the entire thing: you make me very happy! I love you, bliggity bloggers (not the first time I've said that)!



morgan. said...

oh man! that sounds so intense... haha but im glad everyone had a good sense of humor about it. im sure id probably run over there & NINJA grumpy gills if i were in that situation.

the pics look great though!

linsey grae said...

haha, that old man scares me! I do NOT like the sound of him! but any-hoo. you're cute! and I LOVE YOU!

Brooke said...

OH MY GOSH! melissa...melissa..MELISSA!!! I LOVE THESE!LIKE MORE THAN YOU THINK I DO!!! I can't wait to see some more :) You're so great and I still can't believe grumpy man! I was talking to Chris about it again yesterday. SO MEAN! :)

vintch said...

I think the pictures look FABULOUS! with such beautiful subjects, you really can't mess them up:) have a fabulous new year! we won't forget you while you're away, i promise!

Diana Smith said...

how cute! I love the pictures you took of her little family. They turned out great!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing can hide the happiness on those three faces. I need to follow your blog I had no idea!
Love to you all

Jen said...

Happy New Years Dear!!

Oh, and have you entered my perfume giveaway yet?

xo said...

okay i am not sure what you are talking about saying these pictures weren't in the right setting. these are gorgeous! and that top picture on the tracks is so so pretty. you definitely have a gift!