December 26, 2010

Christmas Traditions

This year I've been paying attention to other people's traditions and celebrations. I think traditions are an amazing way to stay close to your family and make amazing memories. I thought I'd share some of my family traditions with you! This poor post has been sitting around waiting for pictures to be added, so here it finally is! Enjoy!

Gingerbread Houses! For the past few years, Mom and I have entered a Gingerbread House in a contest (and ahem, won!) But this year we decided to just have fun with it. We had a little gingerbread house party with Payten (10), Kaiya (4) and their Mommys. Here is Payten's!

Zac (7) made this Gingerbread Train the other day when I was babysitting. He told me, "Not to be rude, Miss Melissa, but mine is way better than yours." Oh, to have that kind of confidence.

Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas dinner. Usually we make big complicated meals, but this year my wonderful mother decided to do easy, fun dinners. We had stuffed shells (my favorite) on Christmas Eve and tacos (my brother's favorite) on Christmas. She's too good to us.

The Christmas Tree. Whenever we go on a trip, we always buy a Christmas Ornament. It's always so fun to look through them as we're putting the tree together.

Stockings! When we were little, I would wake my big brother up (at a crazy hour!) and we would open our stockings while we waited for our parents to wake up. As we've gotten older, it's usually him waking me up by tickling me and saying "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" And we all open our stocking together.

Christmas Jammies! I started this tradition with my Mom last year. The rule has always been you get to open one present on Christmas Eve. Well, I decided the present is going to be jammies. What better than to sleep in a new pair of cozy jammies on Christmas Eve? This year she joined in and we both got jammies! So cozy!

What are you Christmas Traditions? I'd LOVE to hear them!



Brooke said...

Aw so cute! We always get Christmas pajamas too and wear them Christmas eve and morning!! We also have Cinnamon rolls and OJ in the morning too :)

morgan. said...

that's adorable... the gingerbread houses are making me drool!

& i looooveee the pjs idea.
my family is crazy about fuzzy socks. :)

Nuha Sofiyan said...

your gingerbread house is adorable! i didn't get the chance to make one this year, I may have to bust it out in July haha