November 25, 2010

For the Love of Four

Alright guys, here's a little game for us. Brooke from Bright Wishes tagged me, and my job is to answer some questions and tag four other bloggers to keep the game going! Enjoy!

Four Show I Watch: Modern Family, Glee, 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom, and Raising Hope
Four Things I'm Passionate About:  Being the best teacher that I can be (right now, and when I have my own classroom), being a good friend, being a good influence to the little girls that I know look up to me, and following God's plan for my life.
Four Phrases I Say A Lot: "Boo that!" "I love you more than the world" "Whaaaaaat?" "Oh my goodness!"
Four Things I've Learned from the Past: Don't let people influence you, You must love yourself before anyone can love you, Trust people, Learn from your mistakes
Four Places I Would Like to Go: Tortola, Louisiana, Boone, 
Four Things I Did Yesterday: Cleaned, Went to the Chiropractor, Went to see Love and Other Drugs with Jillian, hung out and drank wine with the grandparents.
Four Things I'm Looking Forward to: Next weekend :), Being done with this semester, Going to Louisiana to see the Douglas family, Going to Tortola over Christmas Break
Four Things I Love About Winter: SNOW, Christmas, Christmas Break, The excuse to drink Peppermint Mochas
Four Things on My Wish List: New lenses for my camera, Money to pay off my camera, a Vera Bradley wristlet, and a new bra haha

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