November 2, 2012


First stop: Halloween.

It was different this year. I thought about Halloween more this year than I have any other year. I don't know why I felt the need to think through Halloween, but I did. I guess it has to do with Student Teaching and that 3 of my kiddos don't celebrate it. When I was asking them about their costumes, two of them politely said "I don't celebrate Halloween." I smiled at them and said, "That's okay!"A few of the other kids were confused but we talked about how some people don't celebrate the same holidays as other people, or any at all. It was a quick conversation and then everything was okay again. I love Kindergarten. But then there was another little girl. She's shy and quiet and came up to me and said, "I don't do Halloween because Halloween is bad."

There's where the thinking came in. I can see why some families want to raise their children thinking Halloween is "bad." There's a lot of bad in it. There's the ghosts and witches and scary things. But if you don't pay attention to all that (which I very adamantly do not) there are princesses and firemen and c a n d y.

So anyway, it's tough as a parent/teacher to make your way through those touchy subjects. Everyone is different, but hey, isn't that what makes the world so great?

But I like Halloween. I like dressing up like a different person. Heck, I'd do it every day if I could. This year I got to do two costumes, which was extra super fun. The first night, (we had a dress up birthday party for Linsey), I was Wendy from Peter Pan. And I have no good pictures to show for it :( Oh well, honestly it wasn't the best costume. I wore a blue dress and put a ribbon in my hair.

BUT MY AWESOMEST COSTUME WAS CAT LADY. No, not Cat Woman. I made up my own superhero and her name is Cat Lady. And she's awesome. No but really, my friends and I dressed up as kids dressed up for trick-or-treating. So I was supposed to look like a little kid. But I was also a butt kicking awesome super hero so there. (Not many people understood/appreciated my costume so I feel the need to defend myself) Without further adu:

There she is! Cat Lady and her faithful sidekick!
My awesome cape.
So yeah. There's that. Take it or leave it. How was your Halloween? What are your views on the day?

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Leah said...

I agree with you! Yes, there are bad elements to Halloween, but I don't think that means you can't participate at all. I plan to let my kids/family participate and just let them know the witches, etc aren't what Halloween is about for us! I grew up having fun dressing up on Halloween and I want to pass that on to my family. PS. Love the Cat Lady costume! :)