February 25, 2012


I miss my childhood.
It seems like lately I've had to be so "grown up."
And quite honestly I don't like it.

I want to go back to being a kid.
I want to live in my old house in Connecticut.
With my minty green walls
and closet fort.

I want to know all that I know now.
I would look at the stars,
brighter and clearer than here.
And I would appreciate them.

I'd spend my free time playing outside
with my friends
with my brother
and with my mom.

I'd get to know my cousins better.
I miss them so much.
I'd memorize every corner of my school
and of my house.

I wouldn't take it all for granted. If I knew what I know now. I wish I could go back.

1 comment:

Gina said...

I can totally relate to this feeling. I'm missing the times when I was younger too. I'm just remembering that without those times you wouldn't be who you are today :)

xo, gina