February 16, 2012

Does a Haircut Count as a Fresh Start?

Do you ever feel like you need a re-do? Or a fresh start?
Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror and wishing for a new face, a new body, and new everything?
Do you find yourself praying day after day for a new heart?

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.

Does a haircut count as a fresh start?


Kara said...

Lol I think you know that's exactly how I've felt many many times. It's human. It sucks, but it's normal. Good luck with your haircut! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

it totally does!! a hair cut can give you that confidence, that encouragement you need!!

Leah said...

I think it totally does! And I wanna see your new 'do! :) Hang in there girl!

Katie Marie said...

I say yes!