October 13, 2011

Let me just tell you.

"We should live until we die"
--The Gambler

Andrew, Jack, and Nate.
My boys <3
It all started years ago with a band called The Format.
A few years ago, The Format broke up, and the lead singer, Nate, formed a new group called fun. with Andrew and Jack.

I've loved them from the beginning.
[Freshman year]
I won a signed Pinata Leg in a photo-caption contest.
And wearing my very first fun. shirt in this picture.
I now have 3 of them.
Anyway. I went to one of their shows over the summer, but I wasn't able to meet them. The show was fantastic, but I was super bummed that I didn't get a picture with them, or the chance to tell them how much I love their music.

So when their new tour dates came out, I was really sad to see that there wasn't a show near me. 

Then I saw there was one in Louisiana. Remember when I went to Louisiana last year? Luckily I have several friends down there, and the show was during my fall break.

Fate? I think so.

Guys. I wish I could rewind this past weekend and play it over and over again. And I want to share with you every single detail....but not yet :)

hugs, kisses, and patience,



Morgan said...

oh! I like The Format too! I didn't know they broke up.

Mere said...

SO glad you are back to blogging...kind of ;) and can't wait to hear more about your encounter with your fave band...dun dun dun... :p