August 23, 2011

Sneak Peak at the apartment!

Well, I've moved in.
We're still in the process of putting the whole apartment together, but it feels like home.
Going home after school is much different than going back to a dorm.
Yes, driving and parking is a big pain in my butt...
But it's worth it.

Here are some pictures from last week, before the place was really put together. I'll take more pictures soon and put them up :)

Obviously not my apartment, this was my furniture in the process of being painted black! Right after the primer.

I love our artwork!

Our Living room! We now have a lampshade on the lamp, and those frames that are on the floor are on the wall above the couch. We also have a mirror above the bookshelf.

Dining Room!

(Yes we did make rice krispee treats with that box of cereal)

My bathroom! It needs a lot of work still.

Kristen's Bathroom

My room! Not sure why I decided to take pictures of it when it was this messy, but there you have it!

Kristen's Room!

Linsey's Room!

Linsey's huge closet/Our secret hideout

Linsey's bathroom. It's much cleaner than this now :)

First Roomie Dinner!

Taylor and Madison, our handsome manly men.

Stay tuned for more recent pictures :)



Kara said...

I love all your rooms! It's way too cute. :)

vintch said...

so roomy and airy! i love how all the rooms are spaced out and the white walls are so sweet. thanks for sharing this peek!

Brissa said...

cute! new apartments are always exciting! i love the way yours has come together. your beds are huge!!! i'm so jealous!

Mere said...

So fun! I'm jealous that y'all have an apartment! I'm stuck on campus! :p
Can't wait to see the "finished" apartment! Hope your week hasn't been too stressful so far! :)

Kelsey said...

So glad you are all moved in! yay for apartments!! can't wait to see the finished look!

Morgan said...

Haha! I love the picture of your boyfriends. =) Your apartment looks huge! I lived in the dorms the whole time I was in college so I don't have any clue what college apartment living would be like. I can imagine it would be pretty amazing though! =)