May 10, 2011

The Worst is Over

You guys know that exam I was crying about telling you about yesterday? Good news! ITS OVER! 
I honestly don't know how I did on it. It could go either way.
Let's just keep praying that I did well, and that I passed the class.
It's in God's hands!
Here is a nice picture of me studying this morning.
Anyhoo! I got a Fappuccino today to celebrate my being done with that awful exam. I got one of those new Coconut Mocha Fraps. Oh my coconutty goodness, it's was amazing. Seriously.


Day 14: What I Wore Today

Yeahhh we all love crappy cell phone pics, don't we?!
Comfy T-Shirt, Jean shorts, Flip Flops.
Yeah, it's definitely exam week.


morgan. said...

do you know how lovely it was to hear from you? very lovely. i think sometime we should be friends in real life, just sayin.

ps. the hurr? just does that. it's so weird. i dunno. the only thing i really do is use pantene, that stuff is a gem.

Diana Smith said...

yay your test is over with! That is such a relief!

Leah said...

YAY YAY YAY! Glad the test is over, and I hope it went well! :)

You are too cute- I love the pic of you with your flashcards- you're so pretty! And your flipflops are very fun! I completely relate to the exam week look..except I feel like that's my every week look..opps! hehe. :)

Kelsey said...

yay for your test being over! and btw i love the yellow sandals - i want some of my own :)

Shalyn said...

You know after the encouragement you gave on my blog (thanks!:-)) that I couldn't not come over and offer some of my own- I know you did awesome! Now pamper yourself for all your hard work!

Dree said...

Yay!! So glad it's over. It's such a huge burden lifted off of your shoulders. I think your outfit is totally cute - you should see me during exam month, haha!

Chels said...

Yay for being done with that exam!! Praise the Lord!

Cassie Nafziger said...

I think you'll be suprised and do really well on your exam! I'm alsways super hard on myself and I've always done better than I thought I was going to do...we are our worst critics, you know. Cute, comfy outfit! Where are you going to school?

Morgan said...

Yay! So happy for you that your final is over! I know it's such a feeling of relief when you get one finished. Praying for you that you get a good grade on it =)

ashley.warner said...

hooray! your outfit is ADORABLE.
I love your flip flops.

hope you get the grade you want on the exam :)

jessie said...

I think it's normal to cry during exam least once. I know how you feel though, I was SO relieved when I was done with all of mine a few weeks ago! Life is goooood now :)

Emily said...

ohhhh educations... lol. love em, hate em!


Katie Marie said...

Congrats at being done!! Isn't it the best feeling?!