May 14, 2011

Adios Amigos!

Today was a very exciting day! My best friend, Linsey came home from her semester long study abroad program in Costa Rica! I've been waiting patiently for her return, but it was not easy! I missed that girl!

Kristen and I made her a nice big Welcome Home sign last week. And tonight, my mom, Linsey's mom and aunt, and I waited and waited and waited for Linsey's return. The flight happened to be an hour late. But it was nice to catch up with Linsey's mom. I also ran into Linsey's friend Leah's boyfriend (did that make sense?) Leah also went to Costa Rica, so her boyfriend was waiting to pick her up.

So Linsey's plane finally gets in and people start to walk out. I finally saw Linsey and gave her a big hug! I also remember screaming and a little bit of crying on my part. Linsey was exhausted from her long trip, but I was so happy to see her! I only got to spend a few minutes with her, since she and her family had to drive 2 1/2 hours back home, but those few minutes made me so happy!





Leah and her boo :)


Best friends reunited ;)

So happy to have our girls home!

"reading" the welcome home sign

Me, Linsey's Mom, Linsey, and her Aunt
Thank you, Mommy, for being our photographer!

Anyway, I'm obviously very excited that this lady is home. Read all about her adventures in Costa Rica, and stay up to date with her crazy self on her little piece of sunshine blog... Cultura Nueva!

And ladies and gentlemen, I am heading to a place called Rockbridge this week. While there, I will be learning about, loving, and praising Jesus. Sounds fun, huh? It's going to be an awesome week. But to keep you on your toes, I have some lovely guest bloggers lined up for this week! Enjoy them!

Aaaand I turn 20 on Monday! Happy Birfday to me! I'm old. Okay. This post is plenty long. I love you all and I will miss you! See you in a week!



Brooke said...

HAHAH I LOVE that picture of you seeing Linsey for the first time! ha so cute :D

Emily said...

aww i miss my best friend!


peggy said...

Have a happy birthday. I wish you could be here to celebrate.

Leah said...

AWH! I love the photos of you and your best friend reuniting- so cute! I hope you have a awesome trip at Rockbridge- I can't wait to hear about it! AND HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :)