April 11, 2011

Toys from My Childhood

Being the big dork that I am, I spent probably near an hour the other night looking up toys from the 90's. I just had to share some of them with you. What were your favorite toys growing up?
I had this polly pocket set! I loved it!

Oh, beanie babies. Hours of fun. I still have my favorite one...Fleece!

My brother had this, but I remember playing with it. I still remember what the goo felt like!

No explanation necessary.

I remember troll dolls from the house that I was babysat at after school.
Especially the ones with rhinestones on their bellies.

American Girl Dolls <3 Samantha was my first. I also got Kit a few years later.


The Cabbage Patch Doll that ate food! Then ate a little girl's hair...and I was terrified of it after.
But I kinda still wish I had it instead of making my mom get rid of it because I was afraid it would eat me.


Cassie Nafziger said...

Mel, these crack me up! I remember the polly pockets--I had one that was a beauty shop..and then I think I had one that was an animal groomer? I'm not too sure--or a pool party? Maybe I'm getting those mixed up with barbie scenes. Anyway, great post! Such wonderful memories--except for the hair eating doll! Aaaahhhh! I used to lock my dolls in the closet at night, lol.

Brooke said...

OH MY GOSH! I had Polly Pocket, Easy Bake Oven and Samantha!

Candace Boice said...

I love toys from the 90s! I think I may very well have loved all of these. Particularly my polly pocket set, beanie babies, and american girl doll. Great memories :)

Katie Marie said...

this is great! makes me nostalgic for my childhood!

Sarah said...

How funny! I was JUST thinking about my Princess Diana Beanie baby! And I restarted my Tamagotchi over winter break and I remembered why I hated that thing - I could never keep it alive longer than one weekend!

Morgan said...

oh my gosh, all of these bring back memories! I looooved my Polly Pockets and had a bajillion of them. I also had a nany baby and I looooved it! Easy Bake Oven? Loved it!

Ima said...

That Polly Pocket set is so cute. So do your other toys. Kinda miss my old toys too hehe

melissa said...

Wow!! What a blast from the past! I think Polly Pocket's were my all time favorite!! I still have ALL of my TY Bears, in bags in our spare room closet! Soo many! Thanks for the childhood reminder, good memories! xoxo

Amanda Moury said...

OHmylanta, I was the QUEEN of Tamagotchi's and Trolls! This is so fun! I love this post Mel! Happy Monday!

Jessica said...

ahh I am so upset that can't go back to being a kid and play with these! I LOVED Polly pocket, had a million beanie babies, and craved the cardboard that came out of the easy bake oven! thanks for reminding me of so many memories :)

Diana Smith said...

haha Mel this is hilarious! Very nostalgic, I miss those old polly pockets!

Relevant Notes Blog said...

Polly Pocket, Easy Bake Oven, and Tamagotchi - absolutely!

I had Felicity, not Samantha, but American Girl dolls were the best! I'm pretty sure in my young mind owning all of them would have been the most exciting (and unrealistic) goal ever. Haha.

PS - I don't know how new/old it is, but I love your blog design!

Allie said...

Cool! I think I had a polly pocket toy like that, too:) And tamagotchis were so fun!