April 13, 2011

Our Big Adventure

Note to self: Don't go to the club the night before a test. Granted, the test is at 3:30, but you're exhausted. 

Yes, ladies (and gentlemen?), it's true! I did go to the club last night and I do have a test today. Let's just say I was less than happy with myself when I had to wake up this morning to study. But last night was fun. It was an adventure, to say the least. 

T and me :)
Aren't we cute?

Kristen and Madison!

The group :)

It was fun! 

Question for you guys.
How would you feel about me doing one of those 30-Day Challenges. Do you guys enjoy reading those or do you find them boring? Gotta make my readers happy! :)



melissa said...

The thrill of going out on a night where you have to be up the next morning are usually the best nights ever. Glad you did it, now you have more memories!

I like reading 30 day challenges!

Leah said...

Everyone looks so cute! I'm glad you had a good time. Some of my favorite college memories have been made when I should have been studying but chose to do something else instead, ie. campus wide mudslide during a thunderstorm! :)

I like the idea of a 30 day challenge- I think they're fun to read! My fear is that I'll start one and never finish it so that's why I haven't jumped in yet! haha.

Morgan said...

You guys are really cute! And I'm jealous of how tan the 4 of you are... I'm pasty... LOL! Hope you had fun even though you were tired. =]

Sarah said...

That's totally part of college though! Going out when you really shouldn't! ;) Looks like you had fun! And I'd love to see you do a 30-day challenge!

Ima said...

Yees you look cute together. And your couple friends too! :)
I think you should do it. As long as you make that post with your style, your readers will still love it, cause it's still you :)

Stephanie and Such said...

Hahah FUN! Hey sometimes you gotta do, what ya gotta do...like go to the club! love your blog.