March 4, 2011

DIY Felt Art

So, we all know how much I LOVE felt. So for this little guy's first birthday, I decided to make him a little present using the most amazing material ever.

Dear Wyatt, sorry I put you on a pink blanket.
ps. Happy first Birthday, sweet boy!
Alright, so here's how it went down.
I decided to make his picture a replica of the cover of The Giving Tree.
I also bought him the book and wrote a sappy message inside, of course.
I bought lots of felt! Instead of the good stuff, I got the 4 for a dollar cheap stuff.
But hey, it still works!
I printed out a the cover of The Giving Tree and cut out each little detail and re-made it in felt.
Put it all together and....
Viola! My masterpiece. I'm so proud :)
Close up of the little boy. Cute or what?

What do you think?



Leah said...

This is AMAZING! I love the book and that was such a thoughtful gift for the little guy's birthday. How impressive! :)

Meri said...

That is so cool! I used to read that book all the time- he's a lucky little one!

Diana Smith said...

HOW CUTE! that is so creative!

KY said...

Mel I absolutely love this! I worked in a preschool and we were always working with felt -- this is very creative!

Ima said...

That is so awesome. You are so creative. I love it :)

linsey grae said...

freaking good job best friend! i'm super impressed! how did you do it so cleanly!?

Caroline Lange said...

ahh! love, this is incredible! miss you!

Brooke said...

seriously? This is awesome!!!