February 7, 2011

Making Pretty Things

Hello wonderful friends! Boy, it feels like it's been weeks since I last posted (maybe because it has!) But anyway, I wanted to give you a nice little update with a story of two best friends making pretty things!

It all started with two sewing machines...

Then one sewing machine broke, but lovely Kristen fixed it! I also tried to use the machine from this post, but it was very squeaky and got on Kristen's nerves)

And then we began to cut patterns!

As we sewed and sewed and made the room veryyy messy...

And when we were done, we tried on our new skirts we had created!

Don't we look precious? (Sorry for the lame mirror picture!)

Here is what I made:

A bib for baby Brooklyn (5months) and a skirt for her sister, Callie (2 yrs)
A skirt for myself!

Kristen (check out her up and coming amazing blog, here) made the skirt that you see in the picture with me, and another skirt with the same material as my skirt in a different pattern. We were very proud of our creations. I might just have to sew a little more often! But first I should probably find a machine that works.

What pretty things have you made?


Shalyn said...

How cute- I love the pink and black fabric and those skirts are adorable!

I made a little baby beanie last night- not as cute as your crafts, though!

ashley.warner said...

what sort of pattern did you use? That looks so darling, yet so easy!

Diana Smith said...

HOW FUN! I love to sew and these look like such cute skirts, I actually teach sewing lessons, so thats so fun!!

vintch said...

i love this! i'm so envious of anyone who knows how to sew...what a fabulous talent. p.s. i tagged you today, pretty lady!