January 22, 2011

THE Cake!

It's done! It's done! It's done! Thank you all so much for your help and encouragement. My mom and I are exhausted, but this cake is totally worth it!
The first layer, lemon cake with lemon filling. Cow spotted with Baby Cowboy on top :)

Little Baby Booty! haha
Second layer. Vanilla cake with strawberry filling. Bandana print!
The final product! Third layer was chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling.
It was made to look like jean, with a little belt at the bottom that says "Brody"

The cake on it's way to the Baby Shower. I was so nervous!

Congratulations on your baby boy, Jaime!



Brooke said...

OH MY GOSH!! That is soooooo neat!!! You all need to make a mini cake for my wedding ;) ha

ashley.warner said...

that is DARLING! :) I love it!
let us know how it turned out! I mean, the reactions you got at the shower!

Shalyn said...

Seriously...SERIOUSLY?! That may be the cutest cake I have ever seen! You have mad skillz!

Kristen said...

soooooo cute!

Nuha said...

oh my goodness, you're amazing! love it!

Diana Smith said...

wow how freakin cute! Looks delicious, but I wouldnt want to ruin it by eating it haha

Mary Beth said...

Mel that is so cute! I love cake decorating :) Where did you find the idea/recipe?

Angela said...

Wow! That cake is adorable! I'm so impressed...definitely looks like a cake pro made it. :)

Better Than A Milk Mustache

Rachel said...

oh holy cuteness - that is the most adorable thing i've ever seen! you guys did a seriously great job on it! and i'm dying over that little baby booty - so cute!

Jennifer said...

Such a cute cake!