January 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Mel Edition!

Inspired by Sydney, here are my awkward and awesomes! Enjoy :)

  • Wearing a Karate Suit (which is ten times too big for you) for teaching Sunday School, and having people you barely know Karate Chop at your face to see how well you block them.
  • While you're walking alone, slipping on ice when people are around you and awkwardly laughing it off and saying "oh man, that silly ice"
  • Trying to say something to someone in hearing distance who doesn't hear you, then trying to say it again and they still don't hear you, looking around and seeing people laugh at your attempt, then brushing it off with an embarrassed laugh.
  • Coming home to an empty apartment with you door open! Then peeking in everyone's room to make sure nothing is stolen/nobody is there
  • Peeing with the door open just in case that crazy person who came in your room while the door was open is still hiding in your apartment.
  • The fact that there's an app for popping fake pimples. Some things I will never understand.
My roommate told me to grab a frying pan while making sure the
room was safe, I think she got the idea from Tangled (aka best movie ever!)

  • Chocolate wine. Never tried it? You should! It tastes like chocolate milk!
  • Having amazing followers who leave you nice comments that make your day.
  • Finally deciding what to do for a giveaway once you get to 50 followers!
  • Having really good classes this semester! Can you say DISNEY CLASS?! Boo-yah!
  • Seeing all of your InterVarsity friends after almost 2 months of being away from them!
  • When your hair is finally growing out to a point where it can be considered "long."
  • This picture:
Actually, I think this one should be considered more "awkward" than "awesome,"
but I'd say it's pretty awesome.
And I'm tan! So that counts for something, right?
But we obviously can't wink.

Have a terrific Thursday!



Ana* said...

Tangled truly is the best movie ever. Oh, and that app for popping fake pimples? Awkward x100!

Have a nice day!

Brooke said...

This was great! I want to see Tangled so badly and haha and I am totally that person who doesn't hear people!

lindsay said...

hello love...eeek i want to see tangled so badly...i'm not so sure i could get matthew to go and see it with me though?!? i love this post and you're just so sweet...thank you for your comment last night. but no...i'm certainly not going anywhere :)

X my ♥

kristine said...

Ew... there's an app for popping fake pimples?! Weird!!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Kelsey said...

I love awkward / awesome thursday! And omg I am jealous of your Disney class!! How lucky!! xoxo chicka!!

Grace said...

i hear tangled is a good movie... anyway as you've prob. read on my blog i've been super busy with school and work so i'm just catching up on your past posts and i can't believe that was a wine rack!!! i was so totally off.

and can i just say "eww" to that popping pimples app. the things people come up with... hahaha.

i'm so excited to hear that so many awesome things are happening in your life. looking cute in that pic girl! and thanks so much for adding me to your favorite bloggers section. of course i don't mind. you're too kind. :)

Shalyn said...

I am a new follower and this was the PERFECT first post for me to read- you are HILARIOUS! I can't get over the fake pimple app...some people are so weird! ha

And I agree that Tangled is a pretty terrifical movie, but have you seen Despicable Me? Dude. I say that one gives Tangled a run for its money! I bet the minions would win in a fight with Rapunzel...

B and B said...

Definitely need to work on the winking thing. ;) Have you tried the werewolf effect while video chatting? Cute blog! I love it! Thanks for sharing.