January 16, 2011

Highs & Lows

Freshman year, I went to a small group with the Christian Ministry that I go to at school, called InterVarsity. (Did that sentence make sense?!) The small group was about 10 of us and we would meet once a week and talk about God and the word and just spend time together. Anyway, every week before we'd get started, we'd go around in a circle and everyone would say the High and Low of their week. I miss it, so here are my highs and lows :)
Bad cell phone picture, but here are a bunch of people after IV one night who just started singing and worshipping. Gotta love a bunch of kids who love their Jesus! :)

-Snow days! I only had one day of classes this week :)
-The 3 classes I've had so far went really well! I think this semester is going to be good.
-Being back in the apartment with the roomies!
-Getting a new roomie! Brittany is our new roommate, who took Linsey's room. She's super sweet.
-This one guy that I've always thought was cute happened to be in one of my classes! And guess what! I talked to him :)
-Being able to spend Linsey's last day in America with her.

-Having class. Regardless that it went well, it's still class. And who wants that?
-Being sick. I'm going on Day 12 of this cold, and I'm SO ready for it to be over.
-Linsey leaving for Costa Rica for an entire semester.

Well, the Highs outnumber the lows, so I'd say it was a good week! But more importantly...

What are your Highs and Lows of the week? I'd love to hear them!


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Jennifer said...

Highs: 1.Spending extra time with Lily, Jeremy and Linsey over the snowsdays, especially since she was leaving.
2. We have found an amazing church, which is a huge answer to prayer
Lows: 1.testing schedule was changed and I am stuck with the students for another week and a half.
2. Someone I will love forever hurt me, but maybe this could be a high because of the lessons Christ is teaching me through it