November 26, 2010

Making Gingerbread Men

So the other day, my mom and I had a couple kiddos over to make Gingerbread Men. Kaiya, 4 and Kaleb, 2 (almost 3!) were the highlight of my week. The kids and I played play-doh while Mom made the dough. Then the kids got to use a cookie cutter to make their gingerbread men, each time saying "this one is for mommy/daddy/me." It was so cute.

My favorite part was decorating. I helped Kaiya, while my mom helped Kaleb. Kaiya was cracking me up. She wanted to do everything by herself, including pouring out the sprinkles and making a big mess! She was so proud of her work, and I was so proud of her! They are both such sweet kids.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I'm so excited about getting my blog up and running. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about anything! I'm not so great with computers and all that, but I'm trying! 



Brooke said...

aw I love those pictures!

Suggestions: comment on tons of peoples blogs! You can go to my blog and see my followers and just click on them and go to their blogs! That's what I did for so many people ha.

lindsay said...

these gingerbread men are adorable and your family seems amazing! what a cute post :)

i think the most important thing is to discuss things that you really enjoy and find others out there in the blogging world that have similar interests :) i found all of my blogging friends from just one person...she was my very first follower and then i met so many amazing people...i got to meet brooke this way too :)