June 26, 2012

How to Make the Perfect Pancake

This simple little recipe is brought to you by one of the happiest days of my summer. I'm filled with such joy and love for my job, the girls I am able to spend time with, my Mom, my family, and my friends. Not to mention my bed and the cat sitting patiently for bed time at my feet.


When I was a kid, I had sleepovers all the time. I'm so nostalgic for the memories of staying up late, pillow talk, pretending, and waking up to the smell of pancakes. My mom would always make us pancakes when I had a sleepover. I remember brainstorming the night before of the crazy things we'd pack into the batter. Junior mints, peanut butter cups, bananas, strawberries, you name it.

So when I found out my girls were having a sleepover, I decided I wanted to make them pancakes when they woke up. And today I mastered the perfect pancake morning.

Okay, let's begin. 

You should make sure that the kids you are cooking for are still sleepy, in their pajamas, and hungry for breakfast. Stove should be at medium heat. TV should be set to Disney Channel.

2 cups mix, 1 1/3 cup water.

of course it's impossible not to make a mess, embrace it.
 Mix that baby up.

 No Pam? No problem. Butter works wonders. Then you don't have to butter your pancakes later.
Problem solved.

 While the pancakes are cooking, get out 3 mason jars, and 3 straws in each girl's favorite color. Ask them if they prefer water or milk. Get surprised when 2 out of 3 want water...with pancakes.

and when the kids ask why they're drinking out of mason jars, yell, "BECAUSE I SAID SO! AND IT'S CUTE!"

only one little girl asked for chocolate chip pancakes. what is wrong with kids these days?

 Big sigh of relief when you actually do something right. Finally, the kids enjoy something you make them. Motherhood is going to be a trip.

 Serve with a side of sleepy morning smiles and giggles.

 A juicy peach never hurts.

 Serve with a a side of sleepy smiles and giggles.



Like I said, the perfect pancake morning.

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Anonymous said...

This brought back lots of pancake memories. Served to sleep giggling girls of course.