April 2, 2012

DIY Mustache Mug Tutorial

A couple weeks ago, my roommate and I made DIY Mustache/Lip Mugs for our friends who recently got engaged.

We liked them so much that we wanted to make our own! And I took pictures as I went so you could see the steps. Here you go!

-Porcelain Paint
-A paint pen
-A paint brush
-A pencil
-An oven-safe mug (which basically any mug should be oven safe. Be sure it says "microwave safe" on the bottom and you should be fine!)

Step One: Draw your mustache on the mug in pencil
Step Two: Redraw the outline in paint pen
This is obviously not the same mustache as in the first picture. I forgot to take a picture of mine so this is Kristen's!

Step Three: Paint in the mustache with the porcelain paint. This was kinda tough because of the paint, but be patient! It smooths out after you cook it :)

Forgot to take a picture of this step too, so here are pictures of my beautiful best friends!
Step Four: Let them dry for 24 hours before you bake them. Preferably in a completely awkward position on your coffee table

Step Five: Bake them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. (I THINK that's how long. Check the directions on the paint!)
And that's about it! Take lots of funny pictures with your mugs, that's a must! And ENJOY! :)

ps. there's in inchworm on my hand right now, as I type. He's my little friend and I love him!


Fran said...

So doing! these are adorable!

Leah said...

Those are so cute- thanks for posting the tutorial Mel! :)