March 21, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

Hey All! Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Brooke for another week of Wednesday Wishes.

Because I'm throwing this post together in about 5 minutes, simply because I'm not ready to get out of bed yet...all of my wishes are going to be from my Pinterest. Be sure to follow me if you like what you see ;)

Here we go!

Is this not the most amazing thing? So organized. I really need to try it out. (via)

I just want to start teaching. I want my own students and my own classroom. And I want a poster like this so much students always know that someone is rooting for them. (via)

Luckily the roomies are into the Hunger Games, we're seeing it tomorrow night! YAY! (via)

Can I please have this for my future child?! (via)
Well. My alarm went off 42 minutes ago. I wish I was lying. It really is time to get up now.
I'm teaching math to my second graders today! Wish me luck!
(For those of you who follow me on twitter you know that my literacy lesson didn't go so well yesterday, but that's okay! Math will go better today :)

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Brooke said...

Good luck today!! and I love that last outfit!

Fran said...

Definitely agree with the book wish!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Good luck to you! That is the curest baby outfit ever!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

ginanorma said...

those are GREAT awesome finds, made me smile!

Ashley said...

I love the quote about friends and books. Same here! Sometimes its fun to have a good talk about a good book, but it seems like no one reads anymore..

Amanda Noel said...

That goal chart is brilliant! Love it!

Leah said...

That goal chart is awesome- I would definitely feel inspired to complete my goals looking at it! :)