March 28, 2012

A Quick Craft

Today, I had quite the lazy morning. I took time to do my hair (what? I didn't just throw some product in it and call it a day?!), my make up, eat a good breakfast, write in my journal, and do a little crafting.
It was so random and out of the blue..I've had these supplies since before I moved into the apartment, always planning on doing an embroidery project but never got around to it.

I guess I opened my closet, saw them, and felt the need to...stitch?

 The other funny thing about this is that I had NO idea what I was making until half way through. The plan in the beginning was to just do a heart in the middle...but it didn't work out like that.

Five minutes later I had a cute, simple project done.

But absolutely nothing to do with it. It doesn't match my room, and it's not cute enough to give away.

 So I hung it over my door.

I'm a little obsessed now. I spent the next 30 minutes searching for idea on pinterest. And I already have a Hobby Lobby shopping list. Goodness.


Leah said...

That is so cute Mel! Even if it didn't turn out the way you planned I still think it is adorable! hopefully you share your other creations too! :)

Shalyn said...

Holy cow- THAT in 5 minutes? I am impressed. I love embroidery!

Mere said...

Oh I love it! Simple and it IS cute enough to give away! You need to come up with a little slogan about hearts or something to match it!

Fran said...

That is super cute!

Kara said...

Love how it turned out! Joann's just opened down here and had crazy grand opening sales so I went nuts with it. You should open up an Etsy shop for the ones you don't keep! I'm updating mine on the 15th I hope!