December 2, 2011

A Very French Morning

This morning I woke up well before my alarm. I sat in bed for a few minutes, enjoying my half awake thoughts. Then I realized how hungry I was. You see, I got my wisdom teeth out last week and am just starting to be able to eat solid foods all of a sudden I'm hungry alllllll the time.

I decided to make French Toast.
I don't cook. I don't know where that desire came from. But I gave into it, and tried to figure out how to make French Toast.

I started myself off with a nice warm mug of chai tea. Then got out the ingredients that I thought I needed to French Toast.

I guess I could have looked up a recipe of some sort. But I figured I'd wing it. Because that's what real chefs do, right?

Cooking Tip #1: Wear an apron. Even if you're not worried about getting food on yourself, it still makes you feel like you know how to cook. Even if you're only fooling yourself.

Melissa's Ridiculously Made Up Version of French Toast
-2 eggs
-Some milk (I don't know how much I used, I just poured it. I suppose it was about 1/4 cup)
-A spoonful of sugar
-A dash of Chai Tea powder mix. Because I didn't have any cinnamon.
(Realize later on that roommate has cinnamon that you could have used) 
-Your roommate's bread. Because your bread has seeds on it and that would taste funny.
-Butter. The more calories the better.

Mix up ingredients 1-4 in a bowl.

Allow bread to soak on each side for about 10 seconds.

Put some butter on the pan, spread it around, then put your bread on.

Flip it. Let both sides get golden brown.

Cooking Tip #2: While French Toast is cooking, take pictures of yourself with your tea.

Cooking Tip #3: Put a pad of butter on top of your French Toast to make it look good and professional. Then take it off before you eat it, because honestly, this junk was just fried in don't need any more.

Then I sat down at the kitchen table, ate my French Toast, drank my tea, and read the Hunger Games on my kindle. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Lily even joined in the relaxation by sunbathing a few feet away.


Jessie said...

it's so true how putting on an apron makes you feel like you know what you're doing even if you don't! and i love making french toast. it's my go-to breakfast when i want something warm, sweet, and easy. looks like you did a pretty good job!!


Leah said...

You are so cute Melissa! :) I am going to have to borrow this recipe - I've been craving french toast for a few weeks now and should probably do something about that..your recipe makes it sound so simple- and it looks delish! What do you think of the Hunger Games? I loved all three and can't wait to see the movie in March!! What a fun morning you had!

Morgan said...

Wearing an apron totally does make me feel like I can cook! You're right about that. =) Your tea sounds good. I hate coffee, but tea? That I can do! Did you french toast turn out awesome? It looks really tasty!

Kara said...

We added almond extract to the mix a couple weeks ago. It was so good!

Kalli said...

Too funny. My impromptu cooking usually turns out much, much worse. Hats off!

Mere said...

Chai tea?! YUM. Where can one buy such a thing? (I didn't see it in grocery store last week) Your recipe is awesome :) haha you really just eyeball everything when making French Toast! And apron is a's just so cute! Where are you in the Hunger Games?! I finished a few weeks ago and miss it a lot. I can't wait to re-read it!