December 9, 2011

Recipe: CAKE POPS!

Hi Everyone! I'm so super excited that I've finally made some cake pops. I see them all over the place on blogs and on Pinterest but I never thought I'd be able to make them. Turns out, they're not as hard as you'd think!

My friend found a recipe for Gluten Free cake pops and the 3 of us Roomies decided to give it a try! We had to make a dessert for a Christmas party this week...hopefully everyone will enjoy these!

These pictures aren't the best. The lighting was off and I'm not feeling editing them. So take them as they are :)

Here's what you gotta do:

1. Bake a cake.
We used a Gluten Free chocolate mix. You can use whatever kind you want :)

2. Let the cake cool a little (but not too much!) Then crumble it all up into a bowl.

3. Take some frosting and plop about half of it into the bowl with your cake crumbles.
4. Wash your hands. Even if you did 5 minutes ago, do it's about to get messy.
5. Mix up the frosting and cake. Use more frosting if needed. I think we ended up using most of ours.

6. Make it into little balls and place them on a cookie sheet.

7. Refrigerate them for about an hour. If you can wait longer, do that. We got ended up doing half of them then putting them back in the fridge. The colder the better.

8. You're going to need baker's chocolate. A lot of it. We used a mug because it was easy to dip them in. Make sure you don't over heat the chocolate because it makes it chunky.

9. Dip a lollipop stick about an inch into the chocolate.

10. Stick the lollipop stick about half way into the cake ball.

11. Dip the cake ball into the chocolate and turn it to make sure it's covered.

11. If you want to use sprinkles, let the chocolate dry for like 30 seconds before you dip it into the sprinkles.

12. We stuck them into styrofoam so they'd keep their shape

Some of them don't turn out very well :/

But others are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

We made a ton!

Make sure you eat the ones that didn't turn out well before you bring them to a Christmas party.

Most importantly: Follow Cooking Tip #1: Wear an Apron. :)

These were super fun to make! But also a little bit frustrating and messy at times.



Gina said...

Yum! These look delicious and I've always wanted to try one. Thanks for the recipe :) I might have to try this out!

xo, gina

Morgan said...

Aw! Cake pops are so cute! I've made these and cupcake pops with my friends before and they are so fun to make! Especially when you have helpers in the kitchen. =)

Mere said...

FUN! I love your step by step pics! :) They are always fun to look at. If I had enough patience to take a pic of each step of crafting/baking I would have the best blog posts ever haha. But anyways... cake pops... they turned out great looking! I tried last year but gave up because it was way too messy and they wouldn't stay in balls. Sooooo maybe I'll have to try again and follow your step by step!!! :)

Leah said...

Those are so cute Mel! I love the steps and advice too- I've been wanting to try my hand at these and just might have to over break! Hope everyone at the party enjoyed them! :)