July 14, 2011

The Dentist.

I went to the same dentist from the age of 2 (or whatever the age of your first dentist visit is) until 13. After I got my teeth cleaned, I got to pick a prize from the box. And my picture was on the wall. I've always had good teeth: no cavities, no braces, nothin. And every dentist I've ever been to has always been super sweet to me. Once, the hygienist and the dentist stood over me mouth "Oooh-ing" and "Ahh-ing" at my teeth. No joke.

So, I've always loved the dentist.

Today I went to the dentist.

I did not love it.

I usually get there about 15 minutes early and read Parenting Magazine until my name is called. Today there was no Parenting Magazine. (I know I'm not a parent, but seriously it's the best magazine ever.) We were already off to a bad start.

I've always had the same hygienist, let's call her Sally (I don't know her actual name). Today, Sally walked into the waiting room and called some guy's name and took him away to clean his teeth. I was so sad.

Some other lady called my name, and as I walked with her back into the cleaning room, I walked by Sally. We passed each other in slow motion and made eye contact, saying "I wish I was there with you" Okay not really.

Anyway. This other lady was nice. But she talked really quietly and half the time I couldn't hear what she was saying so I either said "What?" "Okay" or laughed a little. Then she decided to use some tool that I've never seen before.

It was kind of like the pokey thing, but it was mechanical. It made loud squeaky noises and when she did the back teeth, it made my ears ring. I was so uncomfortable and sad the whole time.

I'm so disapointed.

But on the bright side!
Still no cavities! :)
And I got a new toothbrush, travel toothpaste, and floss!
In a Garfield bag!

Today, Mere also wrote a post about Dental Hygiene. What a coinky-dink!
Have a great day, my friends!



ashley.warner said...

that pointy sharp thing is called an ultrasonic...it helps get all the gunk and plaque off your teeth.

i am sorry you had a not-so-happy experience today.

Morgan said...

Aw! I know how you feel about having a new person work on your teeth. =( There was a woman that always worked on my teeth until I was 20 years old and then one day I came in and a new person called me back! I was not happy!

You can't just change up people like that, haha.

peggy said...

You were little the first time you went to the dentist, maybe 18 months. Aunt Lauren was the dental hygienist. I need to show you the picture that hung on the dentist wall because I have a copy:)

Mere said...

Sorry it wasn't the best dentist appointment you've had :/ but yay for no cavities! The parenting magazine is a good one!!! I read it at the doctor's office! :)
Your dentist office has nice toothbrushes, I'm so jealous! And thanks for the shoutout! :)

Shalyn said...

Your so cute- sorry it wasnt the best experience:-( I know it stinks to have a new hygienist that does something different!

Bianca said...

Hey, that's a cute bag! It's kinda uncomfortable seeing a dentist you're not familiar with, right? It's a bit awkward at first. I hope you get along with her fine if she gets to be your dentist again. Also, getting no cavities at all is awesome. Good job!
-Bianca Jackson