April 6, 2011

Wednesday Wishes 8

Good morning everyone!
Here are my Wednesday Wishes for today!

One. I wish with all my heart for each and every one of you to head on over here and vote for Brooke to win Wedding Photography and Videography! Honestly, she's probably a shoe-in just because of how awesome she and Mr. Charming are, but let's make this happen for her. Brooke is a very good friend and is one of the most sweetest and loving people I know. And that's the truth! If you haven't done so already, get your little booty over to that website and vote couple number 1! :)

Two. To make these amazingly beautiful String Chandeliers for my room in the apartment! They look fun and easy[?] to make, and I think they'll go perfectly in my room!
DIY Tutorial
Three. To get my flickr up and running. I made it mostly so my dad can see my pictures (man had no idea I even owned a camera.) but also for my other family to be able to see! Question, friends, is there some sort of easy way to add a watermark/signature to a photo? Help please :)

Four. I'm meeting the friends today. I'm reallyexcitedbutalsokindanervous. T is taking me to a basketball game along with 7 of his closest friends. Sheesh. My wish is: that they'll like me and that I won't be super shy!

Five. To redesign Perfect Peace and add a few new bits and pieces. I'd like to figure out the whole labels thing (I feel like it's easier than I think it is). And I'm working on a new design. Wish me luck!Photobucket


Amanda Moury said...

LOVE you, love your blog! :) I totally voted for Brooke too!! :)

Brooke said...

Can't wait to see your design!! and thank you so so so soooo much for putting number one on your Wednesday wishes! You're the best! Have fun tomorrow :)

melissa said...

I hope Brookie wins! I love those Chandelliers! xo

Anna said...

Probably the easiest way to add a watermark (albeit not the most professional) is to add a new text layer, type your name or company, and then adjust the transparency so that it's see through.

Erinn said...

I just redesigned my blog (again) and I finally figured out one I really love with all the same colors I keep getting stuck on. I can't wait to see the new design. Following from Bright Wishes :)

Leah said...

Those string chandeliers are soo pretty! I am actually thinking of making some too..whenever I get free time that is! haha.

Have fun meeting the friends today- I remember the first times I was meeting Jake's friends so I can relate to your emotions - just have fun and be yourself! :)

Ima said...

I voted for Brooke too :)
cant wait to see the new blog design

Shalyn said...

Holy cow,I LOVE number 2 and am totally making those! Thanks for sharing- voted for Brooke:-)