April 28, 2011

Day 9

Day 9: How Important I think Education is...
Okay, let's just start with this: I'm a teacher. Always have been, always will be. I may not be certified, or even graduated, but I still consider myself a teacher. Whether it's during my clinicals, doing child care at church, or babysitting, I'm always around kids and I always want the best for them.

I think education is the foundation for someone's life. And honestly, I think it starts in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a child's first experience with school, and will begin to shape the way they feel about school. I want to be a Kindergarten teacher so I can make that experience the best one it can be. School today isn't the same as it was ten years ago. When I was in Kindergarten, I only went for a half a day and all I remember doing is playing, and maybe a little beginning to letters and numbers. Today, kids go for a full day, have no nap, barely any recess, and are expected to read, write, add, and subtract by the end of the year. It's too much.

Anyway. I know I'm lucky to know what I want to do in life. I've known since I was in second grade, and I can't imagine doing anything else. I jut wish other people could appreciate education as much as I do. I know I have those days that I "hate school," but I honestly love school. Especially now that I'm in college and am learning about things that truly interest me. It breaks my heart when I hear someone say "school just isn't right for me." Some people have the opinion that their not cut out for school, but I disagree. I feel like everyone can learn and enjoy learning if they are learning about the right things and have the right teachers.

And with that said:
I hate school right now. Exams are next week and I'm freaking out.
Not to mention I'm meeting T's family tonight and I'm so nervous!


Leah said...

Oh my. I want my future children to be in your kindergarten class! :) I love your take on education- I agree.

My exams are next week too..I feel your pain. We can do it! :)

And good luck meeting T's family- how fun! :) I have a funny story about the first time I met Jake's mom..Ey ey ye.(hope that exclaminatation made sense! haha.)

Allie said...

I totally agree. I went through a hard time in the first grade because my teacher wanted me to read chapter books (which is kinda crazy). It was just too much for me, so I just shut down, thought reading was the worst thing ever. In the third grade though, I had a really awesome teacher who told my parents that I shouldn't be worried about my reading skills. Third grade was the year that I took a reall interest in reading:D And it's my favorite subject today!
ps you'll make a great teacher someday:)

Katie Marie said...

I agree with you! I think early childhood education is so important. In fact, I just got a job as a preschool teacher! Press through it and you'll be an amazing teacher! Good luck with finals!