April 25, 2011

Day 7 & Easter Traditions

Hey Beautiful! I had a lovely Easter weekend, how was yours? I want to hear all about it. I love to hear about everybody's traditions and such. Easter had my favorite traditions tied into it. Ever since I can remember, Easter has meant a big yummy breakfast and then a hunt. I remember doing Easter Egg hunts when I was a kid, but my favorite thing was the Easter Basket hunt! My mom would hide my brother and my baskets somewhere in the house, and then give us clues to find them!

and guess what!

My mom hid our Easter Baskets again this year :) My brother and I (well at least I know I did!) had a GREAT time running around the house and our backyard looking for clues! We eventually found both of our baskets in my mom's car. It was so fun!

Day 7: 5 Pet Peeves
It took me a while to think of these. I don't really get bothered with very many things. At least I don't feel like I do. Maybe I'm wrong. Who knows? Anyway! Here are the 5 pet peeves I came up with:

You know "that girl" who gives you the fake "OH MY GOSH HIIIIIII! HOW ARE YOU? IT'S BEEN FOREVER!" Yeah. I don't like that. I'd rather you just smile as you pass me or pretend not to notice me than be fake.

When girls are flirting and they act dumb. You're in college, friend, you're not that stupid. And guys don't think it's cute. And if they do think it's cute, then they're not the kind of guy you want to be with anyway. Who's with me?

When I go to the bathroom and there's one square of toilet paper left. Really? If it's not enough for the next person to use, change it. Please. And don't just put a full roll on top of the one square.

This one might be a little TMI. I apologize. But I really really hate it when it's only you and one other person in a public restroom, and the other person decides to stick around after they're done with the bathroom and they've finished washing their hands. I understand that you need to check your hair and make up, but I can't pee until you leave.

When I have a sneeze that won't come out. And my face gets all squished together and my nose tickles but nothing will come out. Worst feeling ever!



Diana Smith said...

haha yes yes yes and yes on all of your pet peeves! I am so there with you, TMI and all!

peggy said...

I just love the way you two make fun of all my clues, but it is worth it to see the huge grins you both wear the whole time you hunt!

Ashley B said...

I get stage fright too in the bathroom-- I also don't like when you have an empty bathroom and someone comes in and goes to the stall right next to you-- I mean give me some space you know :)

Jenny said...

Love the new (?) look of your blog!

I agree with the bathroom thing. I get total stage fright, then get mad at someone if they dilly dally in there.

Leah said...

What fun to hunt for your Easter basket! the "Easter Bunny" would always leave our baskets outside our bedroom doors for us to see in the morning and then we'd hunt for eggs later in the day. Lots of fun!

I agree with Pet peeve #1, haha- it's happened to me a lot at college with high school classmates!

Chica en Pura Vida said...

Haha so funny! I love your first one! I hate it when girls then say, "We should do lunch sometime!" I don't even do lunch with my real friends...