April 19, 2011

Day 4

Day 4: Bullet My Day
  • Woke up at 7:30, and stayed in my bed until 8:45
  • Registered for a Conference I'm going to this summer for Teaching Fellows
  • Got ready with time to spare, so I hung out for a while and cleaned my room a tiny bit
  • Went to breakfast with my friends Jillian and Laura Beth (a Tuesday/Thursday tradition I love very much)
  • Went to my first class. While in class, I finished a lesson plan and began a paper. And went on facebook. This class is impossible to pay attention in. Not to mention I'm sick, so that made it about 2344454387 times worse!
  • Tried to go to the Student Health Center so they could tell me what was wrong with me (fo' free) but apparently they don't take walk-ins anymore...
  • I had a break so I did some homework, cleaned the room a bit more, and watched some tube with lunch
  • Went to my second class of the day, Math Education (how to teach math to K-2), and had fun in it! It's probably one of my favorite classes.
  • Walked with a couple of the girls from Math class to Technology (how to incorporate Technology into teaching) and talked about how girls are so dramatic. It was a good time.
  • In Technology, I finished another lesson plan, went on facebook, and answered a few e-mails while I waited until my professor was ready to do "Grade Level Meetings" with my group.
  • As soon as I got out of class, I called Kristen to come pick me up. I power walked to the bathroom, then to our meeting place so Kristen and Kirsti could pick me up to go see a movie.
  • We went to Chick-fil-a real quick before the movie started, and I hid my kid's meal in my purse to sneak it into the movie
  • We saw Soul Surfer, an amazing movie! I laughed, I cried.
  • After the movie, Kristen and I pretended to be in a fight. I threatened to send my shark (because I have a shark?) after her boyfriend's right arm next time he went surfing. She threatened to keep T on the cruise ship forever. I attempted to bite her arm off. She stuck her booty in my face. We have a great relationship.
  • And now, I am blogging to you lovelies. In about 30 minutes I'm going to watch the new season of 16 and Pregnant. It's addicting. I love yelling at the stupid teenagers who don't know how to take care of themselves, nevermind their children. Kristen and I want to start our own show: Nannies to the 16 and Pregnant Girls.



Erinn said...

hahaha nannies to 16 and pregnant girls. BRILLIANT!
I am also a 16 and pregnant addict....

Niko Bulaun said...

LOL! series of your day! highlighted!



Leah said...

Love the idea of bullet pointing a day in the life..very fun! Your and Kristen's "fight" is too funny! And "Nannies to the 16 and Pregnant Girls"? Priceless! I watch that show too and teen mom every once and a while, and just laugh at some of the things that happen or get said..oh boy!

Cat said...

Wow...there are a lot of bullets that make up your day!

Good girlfriends are the best...love your "fake fight" exchange :)

xx Cat brideblu