March 23, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Best friend Kristen tagged me in this fun little thang. It's all of my favorite things! Have fun reading it :) I've tagged 3 people down at the bottom!

(1) Food: Bagels and cream cheese. Not even kidding, I could eat them every day for every meal. In fact, lately, I have! I bought some gluten free bagels (which are expensive, but totally worth it) so it makes them just a bit more healthy!

(2) Color: Yellow, pink, and that order. :)
(3) Animal: Cows! haha I wish I had a picture of my "Cow Museum" from when I was a kid. I was obsessed (still am a little but we dont have to talk about that) and I had tons of cow stuff!
One of two Cow Mugs

(4) Sports Team: I don't really care about sports. But if I have to chose, I'll say Carolina Tarheels or the Patriots
(5) Dessert: Cake? Ice cream? Candy? I don't discriminate desserts.
(6) Artist/Singer/Band: Fun. Ingrid Michaelson. Colbie. Lots and lots!
(7) Pair of Shoes: I love converse, vans, keds, that kind of thing...but nothing beats flip flops in the summer!

(8) Outfit: A pretty dress!
(9) Store: Forever 21! So cheap, and so cute!
(10) Brand: Whatever looks good on me for a good price! haha
(11) Perfume: Young Sexy Lovely by YSL
(12) Accessory: Scarves!
(13) City: Simsbury, CT. It's where I grew up, and I'm really missing it lately!

(14) Hobby: Reading and crafts.
(15) Beauty Product: I can't live without foundation.
(16) Snack: lately I'm loving celery and peanut butter
(17) Holiday: Easter! And it's so soon!

(18) Movie: Don't make me chose!
(19) Song: The Gambler, by Fun

(20) Guilty Pleasure: Trashy TV :)

Shalyn at Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt
The Ultimate at Team Frisbee

Bonus Tag (because I've recently fallen in love with her blog):
Candace at Together for the Better



theultimate said...

bagels and cream cheese! My breakfast every day!!! I love them and can't get enough. =]

Leah said...

Fun post! I just had a bagel and cream cheese for lunch- I share your obsession! And I also like easter, because jelly beans are my favorite, among other reasons of course! haha. :)

Meri said...

Is it wrong if my favorite part about Easter is the pretty pastel candies? hahaha.

Courtney B said...

This is such a fun post!!
I think Easter candy is the BEST candy haha. So addicting, and yummy, and pretty :)

Brooke said...

yay for easter and all the pretty colors!! now I want some bagels with strawberry cream cheese!

Natalie said...

I loved reading this post! How fun! I can't believe how close is Easter is. That's crazy. :)

Thanks for your wonderful comment today! I appreciate it so much. :) Thanks for saying that me and Bill's relationship is strong enough to handle it. So sweet of you. I believe that too. xx Natalie

Olivianne Hall said...

AWHH! Thankyou so much for the tag! I'm re-posting it with my own answers this very second :]

Diana Smith said...

Those cupcakes look SOOO GOOD! Oh my goodness! We have a lot in common!