March 14, 2011

Pictures for YOU!

Here are some pictures of... lately. Enjoy them!

Going to school! haha I thought I looked goofy with
my backpack on, and figured you might like a nice little laugh :)

My neighborhood! Isn't it pretty?

I just love the spring!
Yummy strawberries!
Also, today I watched Cinderella. Even better....I watched it in CLASS. I love college. Disney Class=best thing since sliced bread. Is it weird that I got goosebumps during the Cinderelle/Prince dance scene. It was just so cute and romantic! I'm a sucker for Disney Princess movies. Sigh.

What exciting things have you done today?



Natalie said...

A Disney Class sounds amazing! I would have definitely taken that class in college. How fun! Also, I enjoyed your pictures!!

Brooke said...

Still jealous you have a Disney class! I want to watch that so bad!

peggy said...

The best part about this is that you referred to this neighborhood as "my neighborhood" and that makes me happy even though I know we only have one more summer of you living here and that makes me sad.
Love you -

Candace Boice said...

Your school has a Disney class? So jealous! That's kind of awesome. What kind of stuff do you learn?

Diana Smith said...

There is such thing as a Disney class? haha hilarious!! I love your backpack pic!

john said...

Cool photos.Most preferable is the yummy yummy strawberries photos :)
-Romantic Pictures

HM said...

Such a cute little blog you have! Love it! Thanks for the follow :)

Hannah said...

Uh, I like LOVE Disney Princess Movies -- ha! I don't think I'll ever grow up. ;) Tangled was a new favorite; absolutely sweet and cute and so good. LOVED it. I am such a hopeless romantic. :)

Have a lovely day!

theultimate said...

I LOVE disney movies! And I'm so jealous you got to watch Cinderella in class!!

ashley.warner said...

I am mega jealous of watching DISNEY in class!! :)

hope you are well pretty lady!


Chels said...

Disney CLASS? Um.. that's ridiculously awesome.