March 28, 2011

Award :)

Hooray! I received the Stylish Blogger award from Natalie at Little Pink Book. She's super sweet, and it means a lot to me that she'd send the award my way!

I realize that I've kinda been a horrible blogger lately. I haven't really been keeping you guys up-to-date with anything going on in my life or posting about anything very interesting. I apologize for that. And to make up for it, I've tried to think of the most interesting facts about myself that I can think of! :)

I cant make a 3 on my left hand. It's weird. And if I try to force all of my fingers straight, it hurts. A lot.
This picture is completely awkward. But you get the idea.

Before I die, I want to be in a movie. I'd like to have a talking part, but I don't care if I'm just sitting in the background. I just think it would be really cool.

I wear two rings. The first is gold with little diamonds and rubies. My mom got it for me for my 13th birthday and I've worn it every day since.
The second has a great story. It started as a pair of earings that belonged to my great grandmother. She lost one of them, so my Nona ("grandma" in Italian) decided to make the other into a ring. She used to wear it on her pinky, and when I was little I would point to it and say "I want dat." So she left it for me when she passed away. I finally got it when I graduated from high school. It's very special to me :) Hopefully I'll have two daughters someday so I can give one ring to each of them!

I love my middle name. It's Whiting, a family name. My mom, uncle, and cousin also have the same middle name. I'll pass it on to my first son (Matthew Whiting, like it? I do!). I think names are the coolest things, and I love asking people what their middle names are. What's your middle name?

I love surprises. I know, weird, huh? ;)

I say "both" like "bolth." I say "always" like "olways." And I say "restraurant" like "reshtrant." I think the first two have to do with my being raised in the north. And the last one is just me. I also have a slight lisp, but I think I'm the only one who notices it. It was more noticeable when I was younger. And I used to go by "Missy." Let's just say I got a little teased for it.

I lived in Connecticut until I was 13. My entire family besides my brother and my mom live there, and usually I don't miss it. But right now, I'm dying to be in Connecticut. I miss my cousins and my aunts and uncles. I miss my old friends. And I miss my dad. Good thing I'll be up there in May! I can't wait!
My amazing family!
I'm supposed to send this award along to some bloggers. But here's the thing. I love all of you! So, I'm giving it to all of my readers! You're all stylish and great. If you decide to take the award, please let me know...I want to read your facts! Love you all!



Diana Smith said...

Ok I am sorry, but I laughed pretty hard when I saw the picture of your fingers, that is soo funny! I am sorry!! And that is soo cool that your middle name is a family name!

Livy Love

melissa said...

HA. I love #6! Best ever. I like your middle name! Congrats on your award =) xo

Elysie Piecie said...

Congrats on the award, that's amazing. I love the rings, that is such an awesome plan you have. I have a couple of things that I'd like to pass off to my future offspring. I also love your middle name. It's so unique and pretty.

Nuha said...

Loved reading all of these. The ring story is so sweet :)


Ashley B said...

I have to say I tried the 3 thing with my fingers-- never really paid attention- but looks like I actually can do a 3 with both hands-- I love keeping up with your blog-- I am back to updating mine-- and this time I think it is for good-- I love looking back on the memories I have recorded :) Stop on by the bloggy anytime --can't wait to see you next weekend!!

Kandice said...

congratulations !!

Leah said...

Your rings are so pretty! Rings are my favorite piece of jewelry and I always love looking at other peoples! And your middle name is so awesome! I love family names like that. Mines not a family name, but I also like my middle name, and my initials and how everything just fits together! haha.