February 16, 2011

Today was a Good Mail Day.

Yes, it is true. Today was a fabulous mail day. I know you have them too. Here is what I received:

1. A letter from one of my very best friends, Tim! He goes to school in Louisiana, so we became pen pals. It's got to be one of my favorite things ever.
My favorite part is when he said, "let's make a cake"

2. The giveaway prize from Ashley: a Love Song CD. It was great! I listened to it the whole way home. (Well, to school. I get my mail sent to my mom's house because I go home twice a week to go to the chiropractor, and it's easier to pick it up there than the crazy post office here at school) It's SUCH a good CD. Filled with Glee, Michael Buble (he gives me butterflies), and other amazing artists and songs. Thanks again, Ashley! I left the CD in my car, but here's the sweet letter she sent along with it:

3. The necklace that I'm GIVING AWAY! It's even cuter in person, but here are some better pictures.

Isn't it pretty?
Kristen modeling the necklace :)
4. Valentine's Day flowers from my Dad. I get them every year, but I always love them.

Good stuff, huh? 
Don't forget to enter the giveaway! It ends March 1st.



Brooke said...

Love this!! oh and I'm going to come steal the necklace okay? heehe!

Kelsey said...

So jealous - i LOVE good mail days. I'm gunna start a hunt for a good pen pal lol

linsey grae said...

hayyy! you should get more mail from me too!

Shalyn said...

How fun! I got the other CD from Ashley and I agree- AMAZING!

Ima said...

All of those are lovely! And you always get flowers from your Dad on Valentine's day? Oh girl I am so jealous of you hehe

Jamie Walker said...

I really wish I took the time to write letters. The only things I get in the mail are icky bills!

Claire said...

I had a good mail day tooo!!!! Yipeeee i think i love my ail man! Oh...um...shes a woman. OK. x