February 11, 2011

Party Animals

So my friends and I went out last night (for the first time in FOREVER) and it was so much fun! We got all dressed up, that's my favorite part, then went uptown and danced our little booties off.

So we get to the club and there's about thirty people there. Let's just say we had a nice little laugh about that. But we didn't let it stop it. We danced in one big group huddle for the whole time. At one point we looked up and the only other people who were on the dance floor was a couple who were dancing... inappropriately (ew). But we still had fun.

Then at midnight our friend Garrett turned 21! It was an exciting time! We yelled and screamed and gave him birthday hugs. And then left (yeah we were only there for like an hour). As we were walking out of the club we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and a couple people who were walking joined in :) How fun is that?

Our night was short but sweet. But it's always nice to go out and have a good time!

Uncomfortable around each other still...

Just kidding, no their not!
(Being silly)

The group!
Madison, Kristen, Kirsti, Me, and Garrett

Pretty much my new favorite picture of Kristen and me :)



Brooke said...

aww so fun!! i love kristens skirt!

Shalyn said...

How cute- you look adorable!

Kristen said...

Loveeeee it! Thanks, Brooke!

Cait said...

you are so cute! great pictures :)